what is COACHING?

Coaching is a process for improving professional performance while focusing on the here and now.

The coach becomes a facilitator for learning, holding the client accountable for reaching milestones and goals, which are collaboratively created with the client. 

Coaching programs are multifaceted. Workplace Collaborations coaches clients in managing the people side of a rapidly growing company while learning how to do it collaboratively.  

Cultivate high performance habits for resolving high-pressure situations  




Learn a process for communicating sensitive issues directly and respectfully that proactively engages problems amicably.

Don't avoid conflict but learn how to give feedback tactfully while moving the conversation forward. 

Emotional Intelligence Workplace Collaborations

Emotional Intelligence

Manage high-pressure situations from an Emotionally Intelligent ("EQ") perspective, developing the mastery of self-awareness.

Avoid burn-out, proactively engage people, and manage important business relationships. 

Persuasive Negotiation Workplace Collaborations


Approach business situations with a strategic edge that deepens understanding, win-win outcomes, and respectful confrontation.  

Break down complex interactions into easily digestible dialogues that keep everyone happy and satisfied. 



"Bryant delivered clear, confident, honest feedback with so much wisdom. He impressed me with how quickly he was able to see through to the heart of a matter and give feedback with real tools to help. His coaching was incredibly valuable in teaching me how to constructively communicate difficult issues while leveraging win-win solutions. It was the best!  

- Tina Tacorian, Omnicom Media Group



structure of programs 

  • Virtual or in-person coaching

  • Length: 3-months or 6-months

  • 1 hour every week with 1-3 hours of offline work

  • Assessment-based with worksheets and experiential role-plays / stimulations

  • 24 hour access to coach via email or text with optional add-on of 24 access via telephone too. 


Lou  Workplace Collaborations

"This program was amazing. I was feeling incredibly stressed out, and not sure how to have a voice in founder meetings. Bryant helped me manage this and more. I would bring him in again if I were to start a company again, at some point early in the process before things become set and are too late (for me at least). I learned how to hash out issues and truly strengthen the relationship."

- Lou Harwood, Co-founder / Chief Technology Officer, Skedaddle




01. action planning

Learn how to structure business conversations for collaborative outcomes 



Discover the S.W.O.T. way of handling sensitive business talks 



Approach business exchanges confidently, directing them forward



Uncover how to harness the power of emotions in business talks without getting touchy feely



Deepen your understanding of  win-win strategies for difficult business conversations 


06. Habit Change & ACCOUNTABILITY

Leverage the motivation and accountability needed to change habits

Sophie Nazerian1.jpg

"The internal dynamics between me and the other 3-person co-founder team was making decision-making difficult. It was causing me a lot of stress and Bryant was instrumental in helping me manage this while giving me tools for effective conflict management. His framework was easy to learn, and it made dealing with the interpersonal issues easy!

- Sophie Nazerian, Co-Founder, Teach Together 




Bryant Galindo Workplace Collaborations.jpg

Hey there, I'm Bryant. 

I have worked with early stage/venture-backed startups, medium-sized companies, to the United Nations, training founders, CEOs, Directors, mid-level executives, and diplomats in the areas of leadership development, managing complex situations, and high-risk negotiation analysis and conflict resolution.

I have seen first hand what keeps people get stuck and why difficult conversations become so hard for them.

By getting to the heart of the issue(s), and coaching them through a proven process, people come out empowered, learning how to drive collaborative results forward.

My work has been featured in numerous leading publications, and I love working with clients that are equally excited about this work as I am. 



Programs are customizable to meet the client's needs. Typically, to see results, a minimum of 3 months is needed. However, to have lasting behavioral change, clients on average work with me for 6 months.  

Are you a business therapist?

Now, I would never call myself that. But I am most effective when you can be honest and frank with me. I'll challenge you to see new perspectives. Hold you accountable to the work. And equip you with tools and strategies that make high-pressure situations easy for you to handle proactively. 

Do you work with just about anyone?

No. It has to be the right fit for both of us. The client must be ready and willing to do the work, get deep, and explore aspects of self that may not get the light of day. Most importantly, you must be eager to learn.  Without that, we both would be wasting our time and you'll see substandard results. 

What kind of results can I expect?

Beyond becoming a badass business communicator, you'll learn: 

  • A structure for negotiating sensitive business issues; 

  • How to communicate more assertively & directly;

  • Learning how to give and receive feedback so the other side actually listens; 

  • Feeling empowered in business exchanges; and 

  • A toolkit of strategies for negotiating hard-to-solve business conversations

So how much does this cost?

I work with different price points and my programs are entirely customizable, including whether or not you want me "on-call" 24/7 via text or email for on-going support. A typical 3-month program ranges between $2,500 - $3,500 and 6-month programs are $4,500 - $6,000. Prices are per individuals.

Discounts for 3 + founder teams are available.  This however does not include travel costs if in-person training is being requested. 

If I feel you are the right fit, and you may not be able to afford me, we can discuss a lower tired program or I could refer you to someone in my network.