Difficult situations will inevitably pop up in any work environment

How you handle it (or don't) could make or break your career

Being respectfully assertive can help you achieve your goal

Vision: to transform your conflict avoidant behaviors into confident, assertive habits that create win-win opportunities for everyone involved.  

Focus: to learn how to use disagreement as an opportunity for growth, creative problem-solving, and enhancing of business relationships in the workplace.

Structure: a six-week program that is assessment based and experiential, taking current issues you're facing and offering real-time support, with unlimited access to the coach via email.  

Workplace Collaboration



week 1: Engaging Difficult Situations: From Avoidant to assertive

  • An assessment is used to see which conflict resolution style you are

  • The benefits and use of an assertive orientation to conflict

  • Use your style for effective conflict management


Week 2: p.i.n. Things forward

  • Using the P.I.N. technique to dive deeper into an issue

  • Reframing sensitive issues as learning opportunities 

  • Using "enlarging the pie" mentality to assertively create win-win outcomes


Week 3: collaborative disagreement  techniques

  • What to do when you encounter resistance

  • Maintaining a collaborative, problem-solving oriented disagreement space

  • How to be respectfully assertive without offending 


WEEK 4: USING anger constructively

  • What to do if a situation gets tense

  • Learning the Anger Volcano technique for conflict engagement

  • Resiliency in the face of difficult temperaments 

week 5: managing egos & other hard nose personalities

  • Spotting destructive behaviors and projections 

  • How to respectfully push back

  • Maintaining professional boundaries when you encounter resistance

week 6: empowered decision-making

  • Recognize your values in everyday decision-making

  • How to stay empowered in a demanding situation

  • What to do when facing an angry boss or difficult co-worker


Why should I care about the relationship / people side of my career? 

The World Economic Forum produced a report that predicts the top 10 skills in 2020 will be: complex problem solving; critical thinking; creativity; people management; coordinating with others; emotional intelligence; judgment and decision-making; service orientation; negotiation; and cognitive flexibility. This program teaches and cultivates 8 out of the 10 top skills, and will guarantee that you are prepared to handle difficult situations at work from an empowered place. Plus, it provides an advantage in mindset knowing that you have the skills and aptitude at your disposal to push back respectfully while still being able to obtain favorable outcomes in your career. This will serve you for years to come. 

Why do people fill out an application?

We want to make sure that this program is the right "fit" for you and where you're at professionally. We also only take applicants that are serious about the commitment / work, as this intensive program requires 1-3 hours of offline work in order to be effective. Lastly, us touching base before purchase of the program is helpful as any questions can be answered and your professional context better understood.

Do you create customizable conflict resolution programs?

Yes, we do, depending on the needs of the client. We can take this program and modify it or create an entirely new one just for you and your unique situation. We typically make every effort to align the program goals with your current needs. Let's talk and discuss what you have in mind. 

Why should I learn Collaborative Disagreement? 

People unconsciously assume a passive or aggressive approach to workplace issues. Unfortunately both of these strain the business relationships, decrease trust, and lead to issues popping up later. By being proactive, and gaining collaborative disagreement skills, you can speak up, be heard, and maintain professional boundaries that aid you in your own career progression. 

Who are you? Why should I work with you?

Bryant Galindo Workplace Collaboration

I'm Bryant Galindo - a negotiator, mediator, and expert collaborator with a Master of Science in Negotiation & Conflict Resolution from Columbia University. 

I was an accommodator all my life. I often left difficult situations very unhappy until I realized how to turn any tense situation into a win-win opportunity. That's when I developed my collaborative disagreement model for conflict engagement. I know first-hand that workplaces can be a hot bed for tough and hard nose personalities that can wreck havoc on your career if left unmanaged. 

That's why I've combined everything I've learned and achieved to help you become a master leader in your workplace! So you don't have to go through the same headaches I did.  

Most people let issues in the workplace slide because they don't know how to respectfully assert themselves. 

So whether through my program, through a business coach, a book, or any other avenue, do yourself a favor and learn how to speak up, and resolve issues collaboratively, so your career doesn't suffer as a result.  

Workplace Collaboration


Workplace Collaboration