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You're currently interviewing and expect a job offer any day.
The problem? You're unsure of what to do next.
You've been working at the same company and it's time to ask for a raise.
The problem? You get anxious thinking about it. 


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"What a great investment it was for me to get expert salary negotiation support! I thought of doing it myself, but because I sought help I got $10,000 more in starting salary plus one week extra paid vacation. So worth the price!"

- Ashley Preston, Business Development



simple tactics GUARANTEE THAT YOU too WILL RECEIVE the best possible deal! 

Difference in Wages Workplace Collaborations

I'd rather be jane! - THINK ABOUT IT

Negotiating that $5,000 raise in your salary means that year you make $5,000 more, and the next year, and the year after that... In 10 years that raise would mean $50,000 more dollars in your pocket! 



Suzanne was interviewing for a client success manager after having been in the startup world for three years. Her old company was being swallowed up by a competitor and she was looking for a new opportunity in a stable working environment. She wasn't planning on negotiating her employment offers, especially if they made her an offer around her ideal number. 

We scheduled a time to talk and I asked her some questions:

  • "What is your fair market value?" - It was significantly higher than what she was previously making. 

  • "How do you compare to others in your industry?" - She had brought in and maintained partnerships with lucrative clients that it helped her old employer be successful. 

  • "How badly does this new company need your expertise?" - With just three years under her belt, she had amazing returns to boast about.

She had a very strong negotiation position, but she didn't know that. She hadn't even planned to negotiate her first offer! With my coaching, she decided to negotiate. The result? She made an additional $7,500 in base salary by negotiating.


I'll walk you through the entire process

You'll feel prepared and have a clear plan to follow. 

I will help you... 

  • Avoid common mistakes that jeopardize your chances of claiming your value while keeping things friendly.  

  • Prepare a plan for every step of the negotiation, including personality assessments of people you're negotiating with, writing and communicating counter offers, and common scripts to follow.

  • Teach you how to maximize the deal so you walk away knowing you got the best possible deal for yourself! 

I've used these tactics myself and have helped others get amazing job offers as well as negotiate higher salaries at their current place of work.



  • 1 strategy coaching session: together we prepare you for the conversation,how to bring it up or what to say in your interviews, so you set yourself up for success. 

  • 1 salary negotiation session: once you got the job offer or the counter to your initial pay increase, I will work with you to evaluate the offer and create a custom strategy for negotiating the best possible deal.

  • Custom scripts: for when you get the dreaded "what did you last make?" interview question or when you want to bring up the "I need a raise" conversation. 

  • BONUS: 1 Mock Interview / Conversation - a 30 minute conversation where I'll give you feedback at the end to make sure you're on point and ready for success.

  • Optional: $49/session - some clients need extra sessions to cool the nerves, or to prepare for multiple offers, which is billed at this special, low price.



"Bryant's salary negotiation coaching gave me confidence when I just felt anxious and confused about the negotiation process. Through his exercises, I was reminded of my own worth as a candidate and he helped prepare me so I wouldn't settle for my minimal acceptable salary. In the end, I was blown away by my company's final offer that I know I made the right decision to hire Bryant!"

- Linda Thomas, Internal SEO Specialist



When is the best time to start working with you?

Before you start the interviewing process and talk to a hiring manager/recruiter - usually one week prior. This will give us the time to plan the discussion and avoid some common mistakes people make early on in the interviewing process. 

If you are asking for a raise, most people do so at the time of their annual performance review or when they hit certain milestones. Again, about one week before this time would be ideal to make sure you set yourself up for success. 

I'm interviewing with a big famous company. Can you help me?

Yes, I've helped clients secure great employment offers from international tech startups and Fortune 500 companies. 

What's the cost and is it worth it?

On average my clients see increases in their starting salary of $5,000-$10,000 when changing jobs or requesting a higher salary. They also get a lot of value knowing they are supported throughout the process, knowing how to ask exactly for what they want while staying respectful, and they get the best result in the end. Least of all, I help them craft emails, their counteroffers, and I prepare them with what to say to the hiring manager or boss.

My fee is $349 for the entire package. A steal for the ROI you'll get in return! 

If you're making at least $40,000 and you can currently afford my fee, then this is probably for you. If the cost seems prohibitively expensive for you the first step is to schedule a free consultation so I can better understand your situation and suggest alternative solutions that are within your budget.