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Bryant Galindo Workplace Collaborations

Bryant has dedicated his life to helping people transform their business relationships.

Having resolved lawsuits as a federal mediator and having worked on business to business disputes in state court, Bryant’s mediation background has helped him understand why people get “stuck” in situations and damage their business relationships. Bryant works with clients that are ready to take an honest look at their communication style, personality, and conflict resolution/negotiation orientation to see how it is affecting their professional relationships, and correcting it accordingly. 

By empowering clients with tools to mindfully negotiate difficult situations, Bryant teaches habits that make sensitive business issues a breeze to resolve and move forward in.   

Bryant holds a Master of Science in Negotiation & Conflict Resolution from Columbia University, where he studied conflict management, business negotiations and strategy, and organizational development. He is also a certified Mediator through the New York Peace Institute and has mediated employment discrimination lawsuits through the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The values of authenticity, empathy, and transparency underlie all of Bryant's work with his clients as they seek to strengthen their most important relationships.


Conflict Communication: How to successfully navigate disputes and build unshakable trust between business partners & team members w/ Bryant Gálindo